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മതിലില്ലാത്ത ജര്‍മനിയില്‍ (In Berlin after the fall of the wall)

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The fall of the Berlin wall and the unification of Germany were two events in the early nineties that shook the world and had far reaching consequences. It was in the aftermath of these events that the mighty Soviet empire collapsed. Selected to attend the first Environmental Journalism course of the International Institute for journalism in Berlin the author had a golden chance to be with the people of Berlin just after the fall of the Berlin wall and could see and report the first general election in the unified Germany. Travelling to all the major cities and visiting the most important environment institutes and hearing the master scientists in the field a lot could be written. But this is more of a travelogue and less of a political or environmental study.

This was published as a 17 part serial in Mathrubhumi weekly in 1991. It was widely appreciated. This can be read from beginning to end in one sitting, so readable it is-readers commended.

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