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N.P. Rajendran is a senior journalist and columnist in Kerala, India. He retired as Deputy Editor of Mathrubhumi, a very prominent Malayalam Daily with circulation of about 1.2 million, on 5th November 2014, after working 33 years in various units  of the company. For  eight years prior to retirement he headed the Online wing of the paper ie He had worked as Reporter in Palakkad(1984-85), Kozhikode( 1985-87), Kollam(1991), Thrissur(1991-92) as Chief Reporter in kannur(1993-94)and later as Deputy News Editor, News Editor, Asst Editor and Deputy Editor in Kozhikode. 

He was born in Nonsuch Estate Hospital, in Coonoor, Neelagiri on 6th Nov.1954. His father E. Narayanan Nair was an employee in Nonsuch Tea Estate and mother is N P Lakshmi Amma. NP Rugmini(Rtd Sub Registrar), NP Radha( Rtd from Education dept Kannur), NP Seetha (Rtd Teacher, BEMP High School, Thalassery) and NP Usha(Rtd Teacher, Sacred Heart Girls High School, Thalassery) are his sisters, all alumni of Govt. Brennen College, Dharmadam, Thalassery. 

Rajendran had his lower primary education in BEMLP School, Illikkunnu. The school which was a seminary in the period of Herman Gundert, who had launched the first Malayalam newspaper in 1847, was closed down as it turned uneconomic, sometime in the eighties. Passed SSLC in St.Josephs Boys High School, Thalassery. Graduation was in Govt. Brennan College, Thalassery and later obtained MA in Economics.  

On completing B A Economics joined the state government service as LD Clerk. After about one and a half years resigned to join  University of Calicut as Assistant. And at the age of 27, after obtaining post graduate degree in Economics, joined Mathrubhumi as journalism trainee in 15 Sept. 1981.

Rajendran  had written numerous investigative reports which won him several awards. The series of articles about the Birla owned Grasim Rayons Factory situated on Chaliyar river in Calicut (1988), series of reports on the plight of the government run primary schools in Kerala, on wide-spread corruption in land deals (1989), on river pollution in Kerala (1990), on the precarious condition of the state of the dams in Kerala (1991), various aspects of the energy crisis faced by the state (1992), poor functioning of the local self government institutions known as District Councils (1992), extreme misery of  Keralites who were forced to accept Pakistan citizenship when India was partitioned in 1947 (1994), penetrating analysis of the social background of a series of political killings in Nadapuram and Thalassery (in 1987 and 1995 respectively) etc. are some of the high profile stories.

These and other reports brought him several awards. Kerala Press Academy’s V.Karunakaran Nambiar Memorial Award for Best Political Report in 1988, the same award for Best Developmental Report in 1992, Science Journalism award instituted by Science and technology Department of the Government of Kerala, award for the Best Journalist instituted by C. H. Muhammed Koya foundation, Coimbatore in 1992, Jaijee Peter Foundation award for Best Journalistic Contribution in 1998, Vajrasoochi award for Best Journalist in 2000, Pavanan award for the best book on journalism, Best Malayalam journalist award instituted by India Press Club of North America are some of the major awards he won. He was selected for the best Malayalam journalist award in 2011 by C.H.Muhammed Koya Trust, K M Ahamed Memorial award of Kasaragod Municipality in 2015 and Panthalam Raja Memorial award in 2016. 

In recognition of his comprehensive report on the ecological damages of the state’s riverine environment, he was selected to attend the First Environmental Journalism Course conducted by the International Institute for Journalism in Berlin in 1990. He could then travel across Germany visiting places like Bonn, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Hamburg, Hamlin, Kassel, Cologne, Bremen, Bremerhaven etc. Those were the eventful days that followed the collapse of the Berlin wall and he had the opportunity of reporting first-hand the developments of those turbulent days when East Germany(GDR) broke up and the two stated reunified. He was also able to report on the first unified German elections. On his return, he wrote a travelogue which was serially published in Mathrubhumi weekly. It later came out in book form with the title 
മതിലില്ലാത്ത ജര്‍മ്മനിയില്‍-(In the Germany without the Berlin wall). Sukumar Azhikkode, eminent literary critic and social activist, released the book in a public function at the Press Club in Thrissur.

Named ‘visheshalprathi’ 
വിശേഷാല്‍പ്രതി  and written in the pen name Indran, his political column in Mathrubhumi edit page launched in March 1995 continued till Nov 2016. It was one of the widely read political commentaries  in any Malayalam newspaper. Fifty articles from this column were anthologised and published by Mathrubhumi Books in 2002. Mr. T.J.S George, a doyen of Indian journalism released the book in a public function held in Calicut. Another volume containing 50 more articles selected from among 700 odd articles written, was published in 2010 named veendum visheshaalprathi വീണ്ടും വിശേഷാല്‍പ്രതി

Rajendran had also written another political column namely, ‘Vichaarana’ in  Mathrubhumi weekly under the pen name Sooryan in 2001-02. In 2015 wrote a media column in Madhyamam Daily, political column in the and still continues the media column in Media monthly of Kerala Media Academy. 

A critic of the unethical media practices that go against the principles of democracy, he has written numerous essays in various magazines on the subject. Some of those essays were collected and published under the titleFourth Estatinte Maranam" (Death of the Fourth Estate) and maarunna lokam, maarunna maadhyamalokam(changing world changing media world) and venam maadhyamangalkku melayum oru kannu(Media too needs to be criticised)

A book named "Pathram Dharmam Niyamam" (Press, ethics, Law) which is the first of its kind in Malayalam, was published in 2007 December. It is a study on the ethical codes and laws relating to media. This was released by Mr A.K.Antony, Minister of Defence, Government of India on the 2nd of January 2008. This book was selected for Pavanan award in 2010.

Rajendran went around the state of West Bengal just before the last assembly elections to find out how the left front was able to rule the state for long 34 years and what change they had made in the state through left policies. Six part essay serialised in Mathrubhumi daily was brought out in book form Bengal - chila apriya sathyangal (Bengal- some unpleasant truths)

Rajendran had researched the history of column writing in Malayalam and it resulted in a volume tiltled vimarsakar, vidooshakar, viplavakarikal (critics, satirists,revolutionaries)published by DC Books in Dec.2016. 

Another book,  Malayala Madhyamam Akavum puravum( Malayalam media, inside and out),  published by Kerala Bhasha Institutute in August 2017. A compilation of articles on media published in suprabhatham weekend edition has been brought out as the book pathrakathakal, kathayillaymakal by Kailrali books in May 2018. 

Outside of his editorial occupation, Rajendran served in various capacities in media related activities. He was President of Kerala Union of Working Journalists, the only professional and trade organization of working Journalists in Kerala during 1997-98. He served as Vice Chairman(1999-2002) and later Chairman(2011-2014) of Kerala Press Academy, an autonomous institution for media study, education, research and training  under the patronage of the Government of Kerala, which now is Kerala Media Academy. He is founder editor of Media, a bilingual monthly on media, published  since 2014.

He was President of Calicut Press Club (2002-2005) and Chairman of the governing Committee of the Institute of Communication and Journalism in Calicut. Rajendran edited the magazine “പത്രപ്രവര്‍ത്തകന്‍" and the Journalists Union’s website for some time.  He was Editor of Thalsamayam Daily, Kozhikode  from  March 2018 to May 2019. 

K.Sailaja, wife and son Anoop Raj are employed with State Bank of India. Family resides at “Prashantham" at Mundikkalthazham near Calicut city.

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